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Madame Marissa loves to torture snitches. When she caught this snitch, she turned him into a tiny man and when she had, she used her muddy boots to crush him and trample on him. She also spat on him and did all kinds of nasty things to him. She did not care what he felt. She forced him to endure the pain so as to teach him a lesson. She even threatened to leave him a tiny man.

Giantess Jade has just finished with her decorations when she realizes that her entire house is infested with tiny little men that she must destroy. She now has to go around and find every last little person so she can crush him to death under her powerful feet and beneath her huge ass. She is very tired of these infestations, so this time she is going to show no mercy.

Sexy and mysterious Madame Marissa has come across a bus that is way off course. What can she do but teach it a lesson by destroying it? She starts by marching up and down the little vehicle in her high heeled boots, putting her full weight on the frame. Then, she starts grinding against the roof until the whole bus collapses, spilling its tiny passengers out who quickly get stomped.

Sexy and mysterious Madame Marissa has gotten a present from one of her fans in the for of a collectible model car and she knows just what to do with it. She puts on her favorite metal cleats with long, sharp spikes and immediately begins stomping on the car with her full weight until it is nothing but a collection of die cast shards and tiny plastic pieces which she grinds to dust.

Madame Marissa destroys many tiny cars on the asphalt of the road. The Giantess uses her sharp heels to impale the tiny cars, grinds them into the ground, crushes them by hard stomping and also some good jumps. The tiny cars have no chance to drive away, but rather crack, break and split into small pieces.

This tiny couple really pissed of Angelina - so she shrunk them to doll size and just puts them on the pavement in front of her car! She drives over the tiny bodies and loves how they're ripped apart under her car tire. She even stops on the crushed bodies and turns the steering wheel to grind them into the floor!

Giantess Lilia shrunk this bitch to doll size and wants to get rid of her forever. She places the tiny body on the ground next to her giant car tire, then she gets back into the car and drives right over the little girl. She runs over the small body over and over again and in the end she gets out of the car to check the damage she did before she takes off.

Giantess Chanel approaches two tiny cars and steps right on them with her high heel shoes. She uses them like rollerblades - but they can't stand the weight for long. After the tires already broke Chanel decides to crush them completely and just stomps them to hundreds of pieces under her sexy shoes.

Mistress Cathy has just received a doll from a fan. She hates dolls so she decided to destroy it in a very special way. She puts it on the ground and uses her car to crush it! She drives all over it and flattens it under the wheels of her new car.

Lady Chanel has just stolen her boyfriends favorite remote car. He played more with this stupid plastic car than with her, so she thought she should quit his deep relation to that car - maybe he would drop his eyes back on her then. So she began crushing it with her sexy black boots. She pushed her heels deep into the plastic and made that car crack...

Alicia has finally caught the bitch which was kissing her boyfriend. She has messed with the wrong girl because Alicia has some attributes which turn her into a living nightmare! She can transform someone into a "living" object. And that's what she did. She transformed the bitch into a plastic doll, so she could peacefully have her revenge without breaking any law. Nobody would ever think that this doll has once been a girl!

Cathy transformed a bitchy co-worker into a tiny doll and wants to finish this bitch! She always talked about Cathy being a fat and ugly bitch and now it's Cathy's time to get her revenge. She placed her on the company's parking lot and gets into her big car. The tiny girl is crushed immediately under the extreme weight of the car and Cathy just laughs about the cracking noises it makes when she drives over her victim.

Chanel shrunk your expensive convertible and now stands next to it wearing her sexy black high heels. You know that she won't spare your boy's toy, right? She steps right on the car, slowly breaking the windshield and the seats under the pressure of her shoe soles before she starts to stomp it with her thin heels until nothings left of your dream car!

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