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Madame Marissa does not take shoplifters to the authorities. She knows how to deal with them by herself and in so doing, they never do it again. And they are becoming fewer as they know what she will do to them. This one did not get them memo so when she caught him, she took him outside and she used her kinky giantess fetish to shrink him into a tiny man. He peed his pants and begged for mercy.

Madame Marissa did not like this tiny town. She is a big city girl and she believes that small towns are boring places. When she found herself in one, she chose to put it out of its misery by crushing it and destroying it. The kinky giantess used her giantess powers to crush and destroy it in a matter of minutes. When she was done, she went to celebrate in a big town.

Mistress Alisha wanted this loser to learn to respect her and that for her was not negotiable. The giantess had to do something that he would not take for granted and that would make him change. So the kinky giantess shrunk him and she got him stuck between her butt cheeks. The mistress then wore her clothes and she went about her business as the loser was choking between her big giantess ass.

Princess Georgie and princess Adelaide wanted answers to some very difficult questions and this guy was the only one with the answers. The mistresses approached him but he refused to give them the answers. Angered and not having time to waste, the mistresses used their kinky giantess to torture him and to get all the answers they needed. Being shrunk and turned into a little man was all the motivation he needed.

Madame Marissa needed to clear her head. She was tired and she felt like she had to have something take her mind off of things. The mistress used her sexy ass and jeans to crush this doll. She took advantage of her giantess fetish and powers to have fun and to relax a little. She needed it otherwise she felt like she was about to go crazy with all that was bothering her.

Princess Serena owed this guy money and she had promised to pay him all of it but he kept harassing her all the time. She got tired of his harassment and she punished him. The mistress used her giantess fetish to crush him into a little man and scared the shit out of him. He was so scared that he told her to take all the time she needed and pay her back when she got the money.

This giantess wanted to send a message and she did it to this loser. She had him watch how she was able to transform a big toy into a tiny one with her ass and she told him she would do the same to him. He was scared and he did what she asked because he feared she would do the same to him. She relaxed knowing she had achieved her objective.

Goddess Nika loves to do crazy things and today she was trying eating a loser alive. She was pissed at this guy and she chose to send a message she was sure he would never forget for as long as he lived. The mistress shrunk the loser using her giantess prowess and she then put him in her mouth. She threatened to crush him further as well as to swallow him before she let him go.

Goddess Allie has a big ass. The mistress loves to crush with it and to destroy things with it. Today she chose to crush with her butt and she crushed cake. She had spared her slave as he had given her good cakes to crush. The mistress however made him watch as she used her ass to crush him. The mistress then warned him not to mess with her as she would do the same to him.

Mistress Gaia chose to send a message to this loser in a way he did not anticipate. She took a toy and she crushed it. She shrunk it and destroyed it with her high heels and he watched as she did all this. The mistress told him that she would do the same to him if he did not become obedient and do all the things she wanted him to do.

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