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Giantesses destroy tiny things

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Madame Marissa was interested in dominating this guy and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress knew that it was time for her to do what she wanted to the loser and she chose to use her giantess fetish to do it. He was trampled and smothered into a tiny version of himself. He was basically a toy and the mistress enjoyed tormenting him. He learned his lesson.

Mistress Reel was bored in the house and she wanted to have a great time. So she went ahead and she used her giantess powers to kill her boredom. She crushed these guys into tiny men and she then played with them as her toys. The guys were horrified and humiliated but they could do nothing about it. They had to wait until she got bored then she transformed them back to what they were before.

When this guy made fun of this mistress, he did not know she was also a giantess. She possessed powers which transformed her into a giantess and to make sure he never made fun of anyone again, she used them on him. She transformed herself into a giantess and she crushed him and degraded him. He was scared shitless and he peed himself but she did not forgive him just yet. She humiliated him for a few hours.

Giantess Marissa shrunk her slave because he was defiant. She did not want a slave who had such behavior and so she made sure it was a befitting punishment so that he would never do it again. The angry giantess tortured the poor guy and made sure that he learned his lesson as he was transformed into a tiny man and trampled by the mistress who was like a giantess.

Madame Marissa found this guy behaving badly and she did not want to let him get away with it. The mistress turned to him and she crushed him with her boots. In no time, he was turned into a tiny man and she tormented him until he agreed that he was not going to behave badly. He even apologized but his apology came a little bit too late as she did not care about it.

This hot mistress did not like how this guy tried to seduce her. He was too forthright and he was also pushy and a little disrespectful. She did not like any of it and she had to teach him manners. The world did not revolve around him and he had to find someone to tell him so. She did by turning him into a tiny man and swallowing him whole before shitting him out.

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