Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

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Giantess Svenja loves to play with her little slaves - and sometimes she gets a little bit too nasty! She's smoking a cigarette and spits into a champagne glass. After a few times spitting into the glass she drops one of her tiny slaves into the glass - head first. Now she enjoys watching him drown in her spit and continues to spit into the glass too. She also uses the glass as her ashtray before she puts it back on the table and watches the little victim drown!

Giantess Heidi has shrunken this guy to an inch size and just drops him into an empty champagne glass. Now she starts to spit into the glass and the more she spits the higher the glass is filled with her spit. He's going to drown in her spit - and there's no way to escape!

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