Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

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Jade is totally distracted while finishing her delicious tofu - and doesn't notice her shrunken boyfriend somehow got stuck in her snack! She eats small parts of it slowly and finally got the piece with her boyfriend in it on her fork. Jade doesn't even notice her boyfriend when she puts the piece of tofu into her sexy mouth, chews and finally swallows it - she accidently ate her boyfriend!

Hanna's ex boyfriend always told her how much he loved her feet. He was not talking about anything else and then she was suddenly a bit angry and decided to teach him a lesson. She went into a store for magical items and found something useful: Shrinking Powder. She put it on her ex boyfriend and he instantly shrunk down. Next she rubbed her stinky feet all over his tiny body and asked him how much he loved her feet right now. He cried and begged her to stop as Hanna noticed that this evil torture made her become wet...

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