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Madame Marissa did not want these losers to do the kind of nonsense she had seen them do. So she took them to her bathroom and she shrunk them into tiny men. Then the giantess made them nearly drown in the water as she opened the tap and let the water run into the bath tub and nearly fill it. They begged her before she released them. They never did it again.

Goddess Allie has a big and sexy ass and she wanted to test whether it was suitable for her kinky giantess fetish. And that is what she did today. The mistress chose to smother this little man and she did it with her naked butt. It felt great smothering him and it was better than she had expected it to be. And that is how she came to have a kinky giantess addiction.

Mistress Enola is a no nonsense giantess. She does not like anyone messing with her and that is what she did today. The mistress went ahead and she used her giantess powers to turn this guy into a little loser. She made him cry and beg for mercy as she trampled and crushed him but she ignored his cries as she wanted him to change for good. He changed like she wanted.

When this guy became mean, he had to be taught a lesson and it was a lesson he was not prepared for. The mistress turned to him and she used her kinky giantess fetish and powers to dominate him. He cried and begged her not to but she ignored him and she went ahead to torture and degrade him. He had to learn not to be mean and she was not going to let him.

Mistress Gaia had fun teasing this guy and turning him on. She had no plan to fuck him but he did not know that. When he tried to fuck her, she turned him into a little man. The mistress used her giantess prowess to shrink him and scare the shit out of him. He had to tell her that he did not want to fuck her for her to let him go.

Princess Serena owed this guy money and she had promised to pay him all of it but he kept harassing her all the time. She got tired of his harassment and she punished him. The mistress used her giantess fetish to crush him into a little man and scared the shit out of him. He was so scared that he told her to take all the time she needed and pay her back when she got the money.

Mistress Gaia used her giantess prowess to torture this tiny man. She crushed him and transformed him into a tiny man. She also crushed his stuff and she threatened to destroy him and his stuff completely using her high heels. He regretted meeting her and begged her for mercy but she did not listen to him. Instead, she went ahead to torture him and she did it until she felt it was enough.

Goddess Allie wanted to get good grades in a particular subject. So what she did was to use her kinky giantess to dominate him. She degraded him by shrinking him into a tiny man and she threatened to let him stay the way he was. The guy begged her to let him get back to his normal self and he would do all she wanted him to do for her.

Princess Amber has a gorgeous ass and she loves to use it to dominate. Today the mistress wanted to show off her hot ass while she butt crushed. The mistress used her kinky giantess fetish to do it. She crushed a doll with her butt and she did it in a sexy manner as this guy watched. She shrunk the doll and she made it a tiny version of itself but the guy only noticed how sexy her ass was.

Goddess Allie has a big ass. The mistress loves to crush with it and to destroy things with it. Today she chose to crush with her butt and she crushed cake. She had spared her slave as he had given her good cakes to crush. The mistress however made him watch as she used her ass to crush him. The mistress then warned him not to mess with her as she would do the same to him.

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