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Giantesses destroy tiny things

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Madame Marissa had acquired new giantess powers but she had not tested them yet. She wanted to try them out at the expense of her slave and she did it in crazy fashion and she got this loser to endure the crushing and shrinking she did to him. He tried to cry and beg but she did not let him escape from her. She spent hours dominating him and it was fun for her.

This kinky giantess wanted to try something she had never done before. She is used to crushing things but today she wanted to try something she had never crushed before. She realized she had never crushed cars before. So she shrunk this car and turned it into a toy and she destroyed it completely. She did it because the owner of the car was a dick and he deserved to be humiliated.

Princess Serena wanted to dominate this loser for fun so she put on a show for him. She knew he would love it and he would be disarmed. The mistress chose to make the loser be turned on and once he was, she used her kinky giantess fetish to dominate him and to shrink him into a little man. He was shocked at the turn of events bu the could do nothing about it.

Goddess Nika wanted to learn about giantess fetish. She is a stubborn and very proud person so she did not want anyone to help her. She chose to do it herself and she practiced it on camera. The mistress chose to trample and dominate a loser who she crushed and turned into a tiny man. The kinky mistress tormented him and she had the time of her life doing it.

Mistress Alisha wanted to find a way in which she got to her slave and dominated him. The mistress was pissed by her slave and she shrunk him into a tiny man. She then placed him between her butt and she degraded him for fun. It was a lot of fun for her but he did not like it one bit. He was degraded and wished it had not happened.

Madame Marissa is talented in kinky giantess fetish and she wanted to flaunt her prowess to her friends. She did not want to be good at something and then her friends did not know about it. The mistress chose to record herself enjoying her kinky giantess fetish and she showed her friends. She wanted them to both admire and fear her because she could crush and shrink them if they messed up.

This giantess loves to use her giantess powers for fun. She does not do it to people who piss her or to dominate guys in order to humiliate them. She just does it for her own fun and enjoyment. The mistress met a good candidate for humiliation and she had fun shrinking him and then putting him in her mouth. She choked him in her mouth for fun and he nearly shit himself.

Madame Marissa does not like to have her money wasted. When she noticed that this loser was wasting her money, she did something about it. The mistress choked him and she forced him to learn to use money wisely. Madame Marissa did not want to do everything in the house so she gave him money for the maintenance of the house and she was pissed when he spent it wastefully.

Mistress Tiffany likes to spy on losers. When she noticed that this loser was not doing things according to how she had instructed him, she chose to use her kinky giantess to teach him a lesson. She did it cruelly by stomping on him and crushing into a tiny man. She made him so tiny that he was able to fit into a tiny dollhouse which she had bought for him.

Mistress Tiffany had taught her slave how she wanted him to do things but he did not follow her instructions. She was pissed and she chose to punish him to teach him how she wanted things done. She crushed him and used her giantess fetish to turn him into a tiny man. He cried and begged her to transform him back to his normal self but she let him be that way for a few more hours.

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