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Madame Marissa found this guy behaving badly and she did not want to let him get away with it. The mistress turned to him and she crushed him with her boots. In no time, he was turned into a tiny man and she tormented him until he agreed that he was not going to behave badly. He even apologized but his apology came a little bit too late as she did not care about it.

Madame Marissa needed to clear her head. She was tired and she felt like she had to have something take her mind off of things. The mistress used her sexy ass and jeans to crush this doll. She took advantage of her giantess fetish and powers to have fun and to relax a little. She needed it otherwise she felt like she was about to go crazy with all that was bothering her.

Madame Marissa wanted a raise but her boss did not give it to her. She knew she deserved it as her performance was the best overall. When she did not get it, the mistress chose to shrink her boss and she used her giantess fetish to do it. He was turned into a tiny man and when she had succeeded to do that to him, he got scared and gave him the raise.

Madame Marissa was broke and she needed money. But she did not care about the way she made her money. The mistress has giantess powers so she used them to torture and humiliate this guy. He was shocked at how she turned him into a tiny man and she degraded him for her own enjoyment. She told him his only way out was to pay her to let him go.

Madame Marissa had acquired new giantess powers but she had not tested them yet. She wanted to try them out at the expense of her slave and she did it in crazy fashion and she got this loser to endure the crushing and shrinking she did to him. He tried to cry and beg but she did not let him escape from her. She spent hours dominating him and it was fun for her.

Madame Marissa is talented in kinky giantess fetish and she wanted to flaunt her prowess to her friends. She did not want to be good at something and then her friends did not know about it. The mistress chose to record herself enjoying her kinky giantess fetish and she showed her friends. She wanted them to both admire and fear her because she could crush and shrink them if they messed up.

Madame Marissa does not like to have her money wasted. When she noticed that this loser was wasting her money, she did something about it. The mistress choked him and she forced him to learn to use money wisely. Madame Marissa did not want to do everything in the house so she gave him money for the maintenance of the house and she was pissed when he spent it wastefully.

Madame Marissa has no time for losers with no direction in life. She chose to trample this one and turn him into a little man. He had little ideas in life and she wanted even his stature to be tiny. She used her kinky giantess fetish to have her way and to transform him into a tiny man. He was shocked shitless and he cried and begged to be transformed back to his normal self.

Madame Marissa is used to crushing with her feet but she wanted to enjoy her giantess fetish using her ass. She used her gorgeous big ass to crush and turn this guy into a little man. She wanted to send a message to him and the action of turning him into a tiny man scared the shit out of him and set him straight for the rest of his life.

Madame Marissa was fed up with what she had seen from her slave. She was not going to tolerate such nonsense any longer so she chose to deal with it by crushing and using her kinky giantess powers. She shrunk the slave and she got him to endure pain and humiliation like he had never seen or experienced before. She used her boots to trample and to crush him into a tiny man.

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