Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

Goddess Nika loves to do crazy things and today she was trying eating a loser alive. She was pissed at this guy and she chose to send a message she was sure he would never forget for as long as he lived. The mistress shrunk the loser using her giantess prowess and she then put him in her mouth. She threatened to crush him further as well as to swallow him before she let him go.

Princess Amber has a gorgeous ass and she loves to use it to dominate. Today the mistress wanted to show off her hot ass while she butt crushed. The mistress used her kinky giantess fetish to do it. She crushed a doll with her butt and she did it in a sexy manner as this guy watched. She shrunk the doll and she made it a tiny version of itself but the guy only noticed how sexy her ass was.

Goddess Allie has a big ass. The mistress loves to crush with it and to destroy things with it. Today she chose to crush with her butt and she crushed cake. She had spared her slave as he had given her good cakes to crush. The mistress however made him watch as she used her ass to crush him. The mistress then warned him not to mess with her as she would do the same to him.

Madame Marissa had acquired new giantess powers but she had not tested them yet. She wanted to try them out at the expense of her slave and she did it in crazy fashion and she got this loser to endure the crushing and shrinking she did to him. He tried to cry and beg but she did not let him escape from her. She spent hours dominating him and it was fun for her.

This kinky giantess wanted to try something she had never done before. She is used to crushing things but today she wanted to try something she had never crushed before. She realized she had never crushed cars before. So she shrunk this car and turned it into a toy and she destroyed it completely. She did it because the owner of the car was a dick and he deserved to be humiliated.

Mistress Gaia chose to send a message to this loser in a way he did not anticipate. She took a toy and she crushed it. She shrunk it and destroyed it with her high heels and he watched as she did all this. The mistress told him that she would do the same to him if he did not become obedient and do all the things she wanted him to do.

Princess Serena wanted to dominate this loser for fun so she put on a show for him. She knew he would love it and he would be disarmed. The mistress chose to make the loser be turned on and once he was, she used her kinky giantess fetish to dominate him and to shrink him into a little man. He was shocked at the turn of events bu the could do nothing about it.

Goddess Nika wanted to learn about giantess fetish. She is a stubborn and very proud person so she did not want anyone to help her. She chose to do it herself and she practiced it on camera. The mistress chose to trample and dominate a loser who she crushed and turned into a tiny man. The kinky mistress tormented him and she had the time of her life doing it.

Mistress Alisha wanted to find a way in which she got to her slave and dominated him. The mistress was pissed by her slave and she shrunk him into a tiny man. She then placed him between her butt and she degraded him for fun. It was a lot of fun for her but he did not like it one bit. He was degraded and wished it had not happened.

Mistress Tiffany was tired of her boyfriend's games and shenanigans. She chose to punish him and to then break up with him when she was done. That is exactly what she did. The mistress made the guy cry after she had crushed him and turned him into a tiny man. He was shocked and shit himself but she did not care. She was done with him and he could take his shenanigans elsewhere.

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