Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

Mistress Enola wanted to dominate this guy and she knew the best way to do it was to humiliate this loser. So she did not hesitate to do it and in no time, she had managed to crush the guy and turn him into a tiny man. She went ahead to degrade him and teach him never to mess with her. He never forgot the lesson he was taught by her.

Giantess Rissa hates liars and when she found out that her slave was one, she could not stomach it and she had to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. That is because he was new and she did not want him to get used to lying. So she trampled him with her giant bare feet and the resultant pain did the work for her and he changed.

Lady Shay is a soft spoken giantess. She is one of the few who never bother people unless they mess with her. This loser mistook her soft spoken nature for a weakness and he messed with her. He regretted it instantly as the mistress trampled him with her giantess feet and she crushed and turned him into a tiny man. He regretted what happened and wished he had learned his lesson.

Mistress Marta wanted her slave to quickly learn that he had nowhere to hide and he had to do all that she asked him to do. She was not a very patient person and he had to learn that as quickly as possible. And so she gave him a taste of her giant trampling and as the pain got to him and he peed his pants, he got her message loud and clear.

Giantess Zephy had warned this little man not to misbehave but he went ahead and misbehaved. She had no choice but to punish and she did it in a way he had never imagined. The mistress cruelly used her giant sneakers to trample and stomp on him until she nearly flattened him out. The pain he felt was out of this world and it helped him learn to take her warnings seriously.

Madame Marissa wanted to dominate this guy and she did it with her kinky giantess fetish. The mistress wanted a punishment that would scare the shit out of him and that is exactly what happened when the mistress used her kinky giantess fetish to punish him. He was in the pain of a lifetime and he was shaking like a leaf as she stood over him and asked him if he would ever mess with her.

This guy thought that he could con everyone he wished and get away with it. That was until he met madame Marissa and he tried to con her. She caught him in the act and she smothered and shrunk him with her giantess prowess. She had him shaken to the core and he was trembling like a leaf as he was now a little man and he was covered in his own pee.

Madame Marissa was tired of her workplace and she was ready to quit. When she finally made the decision to quit, she used her giantess fetish to torture her boss and to teach him never to be unfair to his workers as it was a morale killer. She smothered him and nearly flattened him as he shit his pants from what she was doing to him. He was never unfair again.

This guy was used to thieving and this giantess was not going to have any of it. She had to make sure the guy realized what he was doing and how much it was going to cost him. So she used her giantess feet to smother him and in no time he was turned into a little man. He was scared shitless and long story short, he changed his ways.

Madame Marissa was used to using her kinky giantess fetish for her own selfish reasons but today she used it for good. She used it to tame a bully who ran amok in the neighborhood and she had to step in and use her giantess fetish and powers to deal with him. She trampled and crushed him into a tiny man and made him realize how much he would lose if he did not apologize and stop bullying.

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