Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

Mistress Erina is a sexy giantess but no one knew it. She acted normal but when her cousin tried to be naughty and kinky with her, she had to punish him and make him learn to respect boundaries. So she used her giant ass in hot jeans to dominate and torture him and he had no choice but to do what she had asked him to do. The guy was crushed and turned into a tiny loser and that is how he learned.

This giantess was pissed at the way in which this guy had done what she had asked him to do. The mistress realized that he had handled things wrongly and she had incurred losses. So she cruelly made sure that he incurred losses too and the best way for her to do it was to use her kinky giantess fetish to do it. She went and destroyed her expensive model houses.

Mistress Nina had to show off her hot ass. And today she did it to this loser after she had tortured him and turned him into a tiny loser. The guy was shocked by what she did to him as she turned him into a tiny version of himself and then flaunted her giant ass to him. Her ass looked like a giant mountain to him and he was scared.

Since her breakup, mistress Lisa had gone ahead and acquired giantess powers. She loved her giantess fetish and she used it to scare the shit out of her ex. She did not care what he felt as she knew that they were over and so nothing he did or said mattered to her. So she crushed him and turned him into a tiny man and then enjoyed drowning him in her drool and also threatening to crush him with her teeth.

Madame Marissa wanted to crush this guy's car to teach him a lesson. That was because she knew how much he loved his car and she was sure that the best way to get to him was through his car. So she crushed it with her giantess powers and in no time, it was a toy. She did not spare even the tiny car. She crushed and destroyed it too.

This giantess was interested in torturing this guy. She used her smothering fetish to do it. And she did it with her giantess butt to make it more humiliating and crueler to him. The guy had to not only smell her ass, but he had to endure being choked by her big butt. He could not do anything about it and had to endure what the giantess did to him.

Mistress Hanna is the kind of person you do not want to mess with if you can help it. This guy messed with her and he realized it when it was too late. He was turned into a tiny man by the mistress as she crushed him and trampled him. He cried but his cries were music to her ears and she had a great time torturing as well as dominating him.

This giantess was a little broke and she felt that the best way for her to do what she wanted was to financially dominate this loser. She did not hesitate to do it and in no time, she had managed to make the guy fear her so much as he did not want to be eaten alive and he gave her the money she asked for. She knew she had gotten a human atm.

Giantess Katelyn took some gumball and she used it to demonstrate what she wanted to do to this loser. She had told him that since he did not know how to behave, she had no choice but to teach him a lesson and he was so scared that he nearly shit his pants. She laughed at him and warned him never to mess with her if he wanted to avoid such a punishment.

This giantess wanted to send a message and a warning to this loser so she chose to use her hot and big ass to do it. She teased the guy while wearing a g-string. He was turned on and scared at the same time. He was turned on by her lovely ass but he was scared when he saw what she did with the same ass and which was what she had promised to do to him.

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