Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

Lady Hellen has just used this giantess potion and found herself grown up. Now she can finally have her long awaited revenge on her ex boyfriend! She went forward to his house and as she arrived she began to crush it. She used her black sandals to destroy it and after she was done, she went into the town to destroy everything else too...

Hanna's ex boyfriend always told her how much he loved her feet. He was not talking about anything else and then she was suddenly a bit angry and decided to teach him a lesson. She went into a store for magical items and found something useful: Shrinking Powder. She put it on her ex boyfriend and he instantly shrunk down. Next she rubbed her stinky feet all over his tiny body and asked him how much he loved her feet right now. He cried and begged her to stop as Hanna noticed that this evil torture made her become wet...

Alicia has finally caught the bitch which was kissing her boyfriend. She has messed with the wrong girl because Alicia has some attributes which turn her into a living nightmare! She can transform someone into a "living" object. And that's what she did. She transformed the bitch into a plastic doll, so she could peacefully have her revenge without breaking any law. Nobody would ever think that this doll has once been a girl!

Katja puts a plastic doll on the glass floor. Then she lifts her sexy high heel over the doll just to lower it instantly. She crushes her little body over and over again and laughs at her and the fact that she's totally delivered to her and her mercy. And mercy is something that no one should ever expect from Katja. She will continue stepping on that tiny thing until nothing is left over.

Two adjectives that will make the difference between this shrunken loser and his ex girl friend. Stefanie is really angry and pissed off since she found out that Adrian was not interested in her but into her feet! So she has shrunken him down to doll size and now she punishes him. He wants her feet? Well he should get them! She tramples him with her bare foot and crushes his tiny plastic head...

Zoe's ex-boyfriend is still pissing her off, calling her, nearly harassing her so she invited him over and before he knew what he was getting into she shrunk him to doll size. She easily wrapped him in duct tape and placed him on the couch. Now she lifts her mini skirt so you can see her sexy ass just covered by a thong and she just sits down on him. Smothering and crushing her ex-boyfriend to death under her gorgeous ass!

This little guy sneaked up to giantess Isabelle who is wearing her sexy red platform high heels today. She doesn't notice him at first and he gets scared when the big shoes hit the ground - which feels like an earthquake to him! And he'd all the right to be scared as they suddenly hit him and Isabelle's weight comes down on him. The unbelievable weight presses him into the carpet - when she notices that she stepped on him. Now she tortures him a little more using her sharp heels on his tiny body. In the end she just puts him into the shoe and crushes him between the shoe's insole and her sexy feet in nylons.

Goddess Tierra always wondered what it would feel like to sit a shrunken man to death. Today she'll try it! She places a tiny guy - which is barely the size of her hand - on a wooden chair and lowes her sexy butt - just covered with a thong - until she feel his tiny body. She sits down slowly on him before she really crushes him. In the end he's even stuck in her ass!

Giantess April stands right above you in this video and raises her worn black boots. The heels are so run out you can already see the steel core when they come down on your tiny body. Guess that and the black soles of the boots are the last thing you're going to see in your life!

Adriane was mad at her mother and shrunk her to toe-size. Now it's time for revenge! She carefully steps on her mother's tiny body, plays with it before she throws her into the converse shoes she wore all day. The shoes smell absolutely disgusting as Adriane prefers to wear them with no socks and after her mother was in these stinky shoes for a while Adriane just puts them back on and crushes her mother in the shoes!

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