Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

Janine bound two shrunken girls to the pedals of her stepper and then just steps on them. The girls get crushed under Janine's sneaker soles while she works out. After a while she decides that it'd be much better if she could actually feel them getting crushed and she takes off her shoes. Now her sweaty foot soles crush the girls even more!

Giantess Gloria enters a city and doesn't even notice that she already crushed countless cars and people under her high heel shoes. But these tiny guys really pissed her off and she decides to crush their whole city. She destroys buildings, cars and everything in her way under her big feet and her ass. She even grabs some guys and eats them alive! What a sexy and brutal giantess!

Giantess Chanel approaches two tiny cars and steps right on them with her high heel shoes. She uses them like rollerblades - but they can't stand the weight for long. After the tires already broke Chanel decides to crush them completely and just stomps them to hundreds of pieces under her sexy shoes.

Lady Andrea nearly crushed this little slave. No wonder - his body is smaller than the heels of her shoes! She has a whole bunch of small slaves and plays with them today. After a while she wants to go shopping and wants to take some of her slave with her. She drops one of them right into her boots and then slips her feet into them. She doesn't care if her big feet crush the tiny guy and gets up from the couch. The little guy in her boot is probably already crushed into a pulp when she grabs another one and puts him into her bra. Then she takes off ...

Giantess Heidi has shrunken this guy to an inch size and just drops him into an empty champagne glass. Now she starts to spit into the glass and the more she spits the higher the glass is filled with her spit. He's going to drown in her spit - and there's no way to escape!

Giantess Janine bound two tiny bodies to the pedals of her stepper - and then just steps on them and starts working out - crushing her tiny victims under her sneakers without hesitating for a single second. She later takes off her shoes - this way she can feel the tiny bodies getting compressed, crushed and torn apart under her foot soles!

A group of tiny men is standing on the floor when giantess Lilly approaches them. She's wearing sexy high heel sandals and her feet are 50x bigger than the guys! She accidently crushes one of them and when she realizes how much she likes the feeling of a guy getting crushed under her foot she wants to do it again - and again - and again - until no one is left! She crushes a few guys under her high heels before she takes them off and crushes another few under her big bare feet. The crushed tiny bodies stick to her foot sole when she walks away!

Mistress Kimi has just transformed her cheating ex boyfriend into a tiny doll! Now she punishes and tortures him for all the things he has done to her. She crushes him with her full weight, makes him smell her bare feet and bites him. Then she makes him become her living insole...

What happened? After you wake up you try to remember about what has happened to you. You have drunken this green lemonade Angelina has given you... This bitch! What has she done to you. You are shrunken to a few inches. Oh there she is: "Angelina, what have you done to me?". But she wasn't able to hear him, she just smiled down to Franky and began to lower her ballet flats on him...

Mistress Cathy has just received a doll from a fan. She hates dolls so she decided to destroy it in a very special way. She puts it on the ground and uses her car to crush it! She drives all over it and flattens it under the wheels of her new car.

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