Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

Madame Marissa saw this guy punishing losers and she felt like he did not know what he was doing. She offered to help him do it and the guy agreed. So the mistress took over and she turned the losers into tiny men. It was a lot of fun and the guy was shocked to see what she did. The losers were degraded and humiliated and this made the guy happy and he appreciated her by giving her some money.

Mistress Jimmy tried to explain to her friends about giantess fetish but they did not believe her. They wanted to see it for themselves and she agreed to do it. So she took this loser and she turned him into a tiny man as they watched. She used her giantess ass to smother him and to turn him into a tiny man and her friends could not believe what she was able to do. They had new respect for her and feared her a little.

Madame Marissa did not like this tiny town. She is a big city girl and she believes that small towns are boring places. When she found herself in one, she chose to put it out of its misery by crushing it and destroying it. The kinky giantess used her giantess powers to crush and destroy it in a matter of minutes. When she was done, she went to celebrate in a big town.

Mistress Corrine and her boyfriend are naughty people and they like to do crazy things all the time. Today was the turn of the mistress to come up with something naughty to do to him. She had done her research well and she chose to use kinky giantess fetish to do it. She learned how to pull it off and she shrunk him into a tiny man by smashing and facesitting him with her giantess butt. They had great fine with it because he was not scared of being a tiny man as he knew they were having fun.

Madame Marissa had some weird sexual requests that this guy refused to honor. She was offended and she knew she had to find a way to make him agree to what she wanted. So she sat on him and she used her giantess abilities to turn him into a tiny man. She smothered him cruelly and turned him into a tiny man. He pleaded with her to let him be back to himself and he would do all she wanted.

Goddess Allie loves to crush guys into tiny men before commanding them to do whatever she wants which is usually sexual in nature. But she had never crushed with her hot ass. That is what she tried today and it was better than she had anticipated. It turned out to be fun both in terms of crushing him as well as how he tickled and excited her ass and pussy as she smothered and crushed him.

Madame Marissa was broke and she needed to make some quick money. She felt that she did not want to borrow the money as it entailed she had to refund it. She did not want to do so. She sat down and thought about it and felt that using her giantess fetish to get it was a better way as she would not have to return it. So she shrunk this guy into a tiny man and she tormented him. To let him go free and be back to his normal self, she told him to pay her.

Mistress Alisha was bored at home and since she did not have anything better to do with the time she had, she chose to use it to dominate this guy. And she did it with her kinky giantess powers and fetish. She turned this loser into a tiny human being and she threw him into her toilet and she took a shit on him. He nearly drowned as she did that. She got him out and let him clean himself up.

Madame Marissa is not the kind of person to humiliate and expect to get away unscathed. She was humiliated by this loser and she showed him her true colors by turning him into a tiny man using her kinky giantess fetish. The mistress then forced him to endure the pain of being bitten. He cried but she did not care as she was sending a message to him and he had to get it.

Lady Loryelle wanted this loser to know his place so she used her big ass to smother and trample him. She turned him into a tiny version of himself. She then went ahead and she used her kinky giantess fetish to continue with the punishment. The mistress had a great time forcing him to lick and smell her ass after threatening to stick him between her butt cheeks. He did so.

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