Kinky Giantess

Giantesses destroy tiny things

Katja did this video for one of her slaves who's addicted to the giantess fetish. She places a small doll on the floor and starts to trample it under her high heels. She easily rips it's head and body apart and just laughs while she continues to stomp the pieces!

Stephanie placed a tiny doll on a glass plate and stands on it now. She plays with the tiny doll, moves it around using her sexy feet and then starts crushing it. First she gently steps on it with the ball of her foot - but in the end she grinds it under her heels!

Cathy transformed a bitchy co-worker into a tiny doll and wants to finish this bitch! She always talked about Cathy being a fat and ugly bitch and now it's Cathy's time to get her revenge. She placed her on the company's parking lot and gets into her big car. The tiny girl is crushed immediately under the extreme weight of the car and Cathy just laughs about the cracking noises it makes when she drives over her victim.

Giantess Lilly Lamour shrunk a girl to doll size and wants to flatten the tiny girl under her gorgeous butt. She's pulling up her dress so you can see her sexy ass which she slowly lowers down on the girls body, first slowly rubbing it on her victim - then crushing the little girl under the full weight of her body. Wouldn't you love to die under such a sexy ass too?

Your goddess Tierra shrunk you and now your life depends on her mood - which isn't to well today. She's standing in front of you and teases you with her hot body while verbally humiliating you - telling you to enjoy the show before you're getting stomped by her giant feet and that she spend the whole day playing tennis - which made her feet extremely sweaty. Just after that she'll stomp you under her sweaty bare feet.

This polish cutie shrunk you to worm size and stands right next to you. You know what's next, don't you? She'll stomp you like the worm you are! Her soft soles will be the last thing you'll see in your life - and with the full weight of her giant body they won't be as soft on you as you expect!

Giantess Delicia is standing right above you, you can see her sexy body for the last time when she raises her big foot above your head - teasing and humiliating you for a last time, before her foot sinks down on you and crushes you completely!

Chanel shrunk your expensive convertible and now stands next to it wearing her sexy black high heels. You know that she won't spare your boy's toy, right? She steps right on the car, slowly breaking the windshield and the seats under the pressure of her shoe soles before she starts to stomp it with her thin heels until nothings left of your dream car!

Lisa Jordan shrunk you to the size of 1 foot and now stands in front of you wearing a damn sexy bikini. What should she do to you? Maybe she'll step on you with her big feet? Sit down on you and crush you under her sexy ass? Or maybe she'll keep you alive for a few more days to humiliate and punish you before she finishes you!

Giantess Kimi loves to dominate and torture her small victims. This little guy is in real trouble as she grabs him and asks him how he'd like to die! Of course the guy tells her he doesn't want to die and begs her to have mercy - but Kimi has none! She first bites him, grinds her teeth into his body and skull before she places him on the floor and tramples him under her sandals and bare feet.

Mistress Lisa has transformed her ex boyfriend in this clip. She has shrunken him down to the size of a miniature puppet! She is angry since she found out he was cheating her all the time, now its time for revenge. She shoes his little body into her stinky sweaty sock and begins to torture and punish the little fag.

Mistress Isabelle has created small clay figures. Now those guys are standing helplessly and lost on the ground looking up Lady Isabelle's huge legs as she wears her sexy sandals. She begins to lift one sandal on a tiny guys head. Right after that she lowers it and crushes the tiny figure under her sexy soles...

This sexy tall amazon Shawna will crush you like a bug under her sexy plateau shoes and there is nothing you can do against it. Look at her sexy long legs, her perfect body and that evil smile on her face as she looks down on you ready to grind her soles on your tiny body until nothing will be left...

Mistress Lynlyn is standing far above you as she smiles down at you. She begins to lift her sexy foot right over your face. Then she lowers it with an evil smile on her face. Suddenly she touches your face and her foot seems to be gigantic! You try to cry to avoid any dangerous crushing scenarios but it's hopeless - she increases the pressure and...

You are just a bug under her feet - that's what you should have in mind as she stands over you and makes you look at her shoe soles. She rubs her shoes all over your face and then she removes them the smother you with her sexy stinky socks. Then she gets out off her socks and makes you kiss her bare feet...

Hanna's sister started fighting Hanna again and so Hanna shrunk her sister to the size of her feet. Now Hanna gets her revenge! She steps on her tiny sister with her sneakers and grinds her tiny body underneath - but that was just the start. Without the sneakers her sister gets tortured under Anna's stinky socks before she finally gets crushed by her giant bare feet.

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